Seeds in Pods

Because I like cooking, and I like talking about it.

A night of feasting


Lamb intestine sandwich. Tasted like cheesesteak.


Calamari that melted in my mouth.

Anchovies. Mmm.

Fried mussels.


Treats from Meli’s kitchen

Seaweed, okra, mashed potatoes, and artichoke hearts. Unlikely combinations, but thoroughly delicious.

Stuffed pide with dolmas.

Pide (flat bread) stuffed with cheese and parsley, accompanied by tiny little dolmas (stuffed grape leaves).


In Gaziantep, we tried this meal, which I was dubious about (because I thought it was fried eggs) and soon found that it was the most delicious thing ever. Layers of eggplant, yogurt, and olive oil, topped with a seasoned lamb sausage. I almost cried.


This was at the end of the cup. Turkish coffee is made with the grounds inside, so when you reach them, it’s time to stop drinking.

Traditional turkish salad

Tomatoes, lemon, parsley, cucumber, olive oil… yum!


I’ve been on hiatus for a LONG time. I’m going to post pictures of some delicious things I ate in Turkey, and then hopefully get back into the swing of things.