Fastest gazpacho

by seedpods

I came up with the idea for this soup last night when I was trying to fall asleep, which is when I come up with most of my food idea. (Yes, I’m a geek). As luck would have it, the farmers market was this morning. What I knew is that I wanted a good, fresh tasting raw soup, with carrots and any other good veggies that I could think of. The result was so similar to a gazpacho that I decided that it was one. It’s also extremely seasonal and yummy.


red bell pepper

peeled carrot


lemon cucumber (half a normal cuke would work too)

several cups of juicy tomatoes


1/4 onion

I sliced everything up into about bite sized pieces and put them in the blender. I also squished the tomatoes with my fist once in the blender, so the juices would run to the bottom and I wouldn’t have to add any extra liquid to get the blender to work. I blended it on liquefy until no chunks remained. Serve with a lemon wedge and a dash of tabasco. Some may choose to garnish with avocado. Best cold. Makes three good sized bowls.