Crunchy hazelnut toffee

by seedpods

Father’s day, yet another occasion that I can use as an excuse to make tasty desserts. I’ve made this one before, twice. The first time it was superb, the second time it wasn’t quite… right. This time, I’m happy to report, things went smoothly and all seemed to enjoy munching on the toffee.


2/3 C chopped hazelnuts

3/4 C packed brown sugar

1/2 C (one stick) butter

1/2 C chocolate chips, your preference of sweetness (I used semisweet).

Grease (with butter) 9″ by 9″pan. Coat bottom evenly with chopped nuts. Melt butter with sugar in pan until mixture boils – do NOT let burn. Continue boiling over medium heat or slightly lower, stirring NONSTOP for seven minutes. Stop earlier if you sense anything is burning. Spoon and smooth hot mixture over hazelnuts. Pour chocolate chips into pan, cover with baking sheet to melt. In about two minutes, remove sheet, use spatula to spread chocolate evenly. Let cool slightly, and cut into squares while still hot. You may want to make the squares small, as these are quite sweet. Chill.

Serves many. Adapted from Betty Crocker.