Adaptable pasta salad

by seedpods

On my list of favorite dishes, this one is high up there. Generally I make it for a crowd, because it’s great to make in quantity and is good chilled, so can be prepared in advance. Today, I whipped some up for a solo lunch, because the ingredients are always on hand in my house. Because this is a recipe that I invented and am constantly adapting, all measurements are approximate — feel free to tweak to your heart’s delight.


loose handful of pasta, any kind. I like orzo and israeli couscous, but today these spiral noodles were what was on hand

8 kalamata olives, pitted

small amount of sundried tomatoes in oil

pinch oregano, dried or fresh

pinch basil, dried or fresh

pinch ground pepper

grated romano to taste

Heat water in pot to boil, add pasta. While pasta is cooking, slice olives into fourths, chop tomatoes into bite size pieces. Grate the romano if it didn’t come that way. When pasta is cooked (10-13 minutes or until soft) drain in colander, run cool water over and then drain. Mix all ingredients. Add olive oil if desired.

OPTIONS: Depending on what’s on hand, I frequently add other things to this dish.  Things I’ve found tasty: feta cheese, diced bell pepper, small cubes of salami, a dash of lemon juice, roasted pine nuts, and garbanzo beans.

Serves one.