The easiest bread ever

by seedpods

So, I didn’t invent this recipe, nor did I really amend it. I see no point in messing with something that’s clearly already working. Pop on over to this site to see the recipe, and I’ll blabber on a little bit more about how great it is.

The main thing that keeps me from making bread all the time is that you have to wait for it to rise, and to me this feels like a sentence keeping me confined to the kitchen for the whole day. With this bread, a can or bottle of beer is all you need — mix together with the other simple ingredients, pour into a greased pan, bake for about an hour, and you’re golden. It’s lightly sweet, and perfect fresh out of the oven with a little butter. I’ve heard it makes good toast, but it’s never around long enough for it to get stale enough to warrant this, in my opinion.