Peach raspberry smoothie

by seedpods

So I guess this isn’t really cooking, because nothing in it is cooked, but it is one of my all time favorite things to prepare. I also did a crappy job taking this photo — let’s just not talk about it, shall we?

Smoothies are great because there’s so many variations that you can pull. The first step is to choose your base. Because most blenders require some kind of liquid to make them blend properly, this part is essential. Common bases: a fruit juice, like apple or orange, or some kind of dairy, like soy milk or yogurt. I go for the fruits, because I like unsullied fruity flavors, and I’ll take my cream in a milk shake. For this smoothie, I used orange juice, because there was some in the fridge.

Next you have to choose what kind of fruits you want. (Duh). I’d recommend either buying your fruit frozen or choosing raw fruit in advance that you chop and freeze, because one of the nicest things is an icy cold smoothie on a hot day. It also means that you don’t have to add ice later. For these smoothies, I used peach and raspberry. My all time favorites all involve raspberry, often with a little cranberry for kick, some peach, and maybe some black cherry. Mmm.

Last step: putting it all together. Put your fruit in the blender, pour in the liquid about halfway to the top of your fruit (this kind of depends on how runny you like things), and blend! Stop regularly AND UNPLUG to stir and make sure that everything is getting pulverized properly in there. Enjoy!