Truffle adventure

by seedpods

Last night, I got the biggest craving to make truffles. I searched tastespotting for what I thought would be the easiest, fastest way to get a really delicious, simple truffle, and found this recipe.

I’ll admit – I didn’t follow it completely. For the inside of mine, I used bittersweet chocolate, not willing to delve all the way into the world of dark chocolate for my first attempt. When it came to chilling the ganache, I didn’t do all the necessary steps, which meant that forming the balls was probably a lot messier than it had to be. Oh well, still fun. I also chose to sprinkle the top with some unsweetened cocoa powder, because I had a lot of that on hand. The end result: really great honey truffles that my friends and I enjoyed a lot.

Yes, truffles do take a little while, because you have to chill things in steps and follow the progress of the cooling chocolate. That part is less fun. I chose to combat that by having friends in my kitchen who were willing to hang out and chat while I periodically stirred and made a mess, and rewarded them for their time with some chocolate goodness.